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ExSafe is an Executive Safety Company. Hence the name ExSafe.

About ExSafe

ExSafe was founded in 2010 by Ewald Bhugoea, who in the preceding years had proven himself well in his role as Security Driver of the Ministry of Defense. Bhugoea wanted to use his experience more broadly and has therefore started to train himself. He is now in possession of all possible diplomas within the industry. In the meantime, ExSafe has grown into an organization with a diverse team of employees who are specialized in different disciplines.

Ewald Bhugoea

The founder of ExSafe is Ewald Bhugoea. Due to his extensive experience as a soldier, personal security has become a second nature for him. In 2010 he decided it was time to make his knowledge and skills available to everyone and his company ExSafe took shape. Bhugoea has proven itself in his role as Security Driver of Defense. The company owes its creation to the desire to make much broader use of these services. Bhugoea has therefore continued to train itself. He is now in possession of all conceivable diplomas within the industry.

“As a military, I have participated in several missions, including Bosnia and Afghanistan. In these dangerous areas, in order to carry out your work properly, the safety is essential for you and your colleagues. This extensive military experience, supplemented by various specialist driving courses in the field of security driving, is the power behind ExSafe. For the Public Prosecution Service I regularly supervise Chief Public Prosecutors. In addition, ExSafe carries out assignments for defense, police, various multinational companies, members of The Board of Directors and other businessmen from the top of the company members.” Ewald Bhugoea

Founder ExSafe

Our core values

ExSafe excels in its outstanding service. No other Transport and Security Company considers this so highly valued. That starts with the extensive intake interview we have with you. Only then will we know for sure that we can meet your needs. But the conditions that we agree with you do not lie. You will see that we really do everything to make you happy. And in the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied, we will resolve that immediately if possible.
When you turn on a professional, you really expect a professional. Someone who acts with knowledge and the necessary experience. What you can depend on. Someone who works discreetly. The professionals at ExSafe are all highly trained. In addition, they are screened by the Ministry of Justice. You can therefore be confident that you and your possessions are in the right hands.
From a company such as ExSafe, you can expect that your data will be treated confidentially. This does not only apply to the information that you provide to us during the intake interview. The information we come into contact with during the work will not leak any further. You can count on that. But reliability is more. It also means that your interest has the highest priority. Your safety is monitored with a keen eye and you are transported in a pleasant way by our drivers.
It seems so obvious, but we at ExSafe also select our employees for acting respectfully. They must show respect to you as a client but also to the people they come into contact with during the work. The employees of ExSafe are representative and know the usual etiquette in your industry like no other. You can look great with them. Whether it is a driver or a security guard. An ExSafe employee is very pleasant to deal with.
Whether an assignment is successful depends on many factors. Perhaps the most important thing is managing expectations. When we know what you expect from us, we can do everything we can to meet your needs. The most importat thinkg is to be aware if you have very specific wishes. For us, it’s just an extra challenge to satisfy you as a customer. Not something we look forward to. Success is sometimes also the successful shutdown or protection against danger. Or planning a trip that is proceeds on schedule.

What our customers say about us

“Reliability and punctuality are a high priority for Ewald. I have always been able to trust him. General T.A. Middendorp

Ministry of Defence

“Ewald is an extremely reliable and experienced security driver” General M.A. van der Laan

Ministry of Defence

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ExSafe offers both Security Services and Transport Services. Our Security Drivers represent a great mix of both services.
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