Personal Security

When you can use extra security as a person.

Personal Security

Our personal security guards are trained to identify suspicious and dangerous situations early. To respond flexibly, professionally and professionally in threatening situations and anticipate them. Our security guards are in possession of the best diplomas and additional certificates. They also bring with them a wide experience. There are many different situations that can be conceivable  when a security guard walks with you. This can be directly visible on the screen or, on the contrary, be more at an appropriate distance.

We take extensive time for an intake interview with you. This includes all your wishes. We also examine the threat of danger so that we can make a reasonable estimate of what we can expect. We investigate the possible escape routes and make agreements with the local authorities. ExSafe’s personal security is the highest level of security. We leave nothing to chance.

ExSafe’s personal security guards work discreetly. You will not be affected by their presence.


Reliable, precise and discreet


Stress-resistant and perform well under high pressure


Dare to make important decisions to ensure your safety


Have a high degree of self-control

Remote Personal Security

Where personal security guards are usually located near you, you can also opt for remote personal security. In this case, the security guards are not in your immediate vicinity. This reduces the violation of your privacy. The security, on the other hand, is still of the highest level. However, we recommend that you only opt for this when the risk of threats is low. This often concerns a VIP. It may also be that it primarily concerns a strategic consideration.

When do you choose Remote Personal Security?

Remote personal security is a very specific option. If the threat is not high enough to swtich to full-fledged Personal Security, this could be a good alternative. It is precisely because you prefer to be protected in a loose way. Without compromising your safety. Where necessary, the ExSafe security guard will always intervene. During the day, it is also possible to opt to increase the security level

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ExSafe offers both Security Services and Transport Services. Our Security Drivers represent a great mix of both services.

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