Terror Security

When you want to recognize and prevent a terrorist attack.

Terror Security

Our security guards are trained as Certified Profiler Terrorism. A legally protected title where you may assume that the security guard:


Has the ability to make the right decisions when perceiving a threat


Has been trained to recognize the modus operandi, detecting unusual behavior and suspicious indicators in terrorism in general


Has been trained to recognize the modus operandi and the indicators of terrorism

Detecting terrorism and preventing attacks

Predictive Profiling is aimed at the early identification and detection of criminal and terrorist activities. It is aimed at recognizing a possible attempt. It is a method developed in Israel which can only be applied by a small selection of security guards. Not everyone is suitable for this. ExSafe’s security guards have been extensively tested for this and have all been found suitable. They have not only earned their title, they have also proved themselves in practice.

When is terror security important?

If there are important persons at an event, this could mean that additional threats arise and that measures are necessary. Certain football matches also require additional security measures. But it may also be that political and/or societal pressure strain requires terror security. The decision on this is often taken in consultation with its own security company and the local police. An estimate of the likelihood of something happening and the consequences if things were to go wrong and how this can be avoided.

Cooperation with other parties gives ExSafe a big lead

Because ExSafe never operates alone in the field of Terror Security, we have a big lead over other security guards. After all, two know more than one. For example, we have a whole network of companies specialized in terror security. The advantage for you is that we can always provide you the best protection in your situation. We therefore do not hesitate to call in a terrorist security colleague if we believe that this will improve your safety.

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