Transport Security

Safe transport of goods

Transport Security

The protection of valuables during transport is called Transport Security. ExSafe ensures the transportation of valuable products and documents both at home and abroad. We guarantee these valuable transports for companies and individuals. By literally taking over the transportation of goods from you or providing the transport by third parties safely. In this way, we guide the goods from the point of departure to the place of destination.

ExSafe transport security can be divided into:


The unobtrusive safe tracking of trucks with precious cargo


The unobtrusively secured transport of valuable documents, hardware and software


The unobtrusively secured transport of valuables from private persons


Escort ships. The so-called anti-piracy campaign


Armed security guards of merchant ships in the event of anti-piracy

Comprehensive progress report on transportation

Because it is important for many of our customers to see the exact progress of the transport, we offer a comprehensive progress report of the transportation by default. You will find all the data in the utmost detail possible. From the approach of transport security guards to an extensive logbook in which we report on transport from minute to minute. Here you can read about the problems we have encountered and how we have solved them. An important teaching moment for next time.

Private Security guards against piracy

A very special branch of Transport Security is private security against piracy. In such a case, ExSafe security guards help protect Dutch ships and their passengers. Dutch ships are an attractive target for pirates. However, the problem is that transport security for Dutch ships is prohibited by law under normal circumstances. Nevertheless, ExSafe knows better than anyone how important this is and always comes up with an appropriate solution that guarantees safety. This requires a professional approach and a lot of know-how.

Transport Security is always tailor-made

Due to the nature of the work, transport security is always tailor-made. No assignment is the same. Because every object and every document that is transported by us has its own conditions. Sometimes because of the different size, but often precisely because of the value of the object. Or perhaps because transport requires the highest security degree. It is not for nothing that ExSafe takes all the time to discuss your wishes, because only then will we make secure that your property is transported safely.

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ExSafe offers both Security Services and Transport Services. Our Security Drivers represent a great mix of both services.
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