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Professional security at home and abroad

Personal Security

Our personal security guards are trained to identify suspicious and dangerous situations early. To respond flexibly, professionally and professionally in threatening situations and anticipate them. Our security guards are in possession of the best diplomas and additional certificates. They also bring with them a wide experience. There are many different situations that can be conceivable  when a security guard walks with you. This can be directly visible on the screen or, on the contrary, be more at an appropriate distance.

Transport Security

The protection of valuables during transport is called Transport Security. Yet no assignment is the same. It makes quite a difference whether it is a document whose content is confidential or, on the contrary, a huge ship that is harassed by pirates. What is the same is the excellent service provided by ExSafe.

ExSafe ensures the transportation of valuable products and documents both at home and abroad. We guarantee these valuable transports for companies and individuals. By literally taking over the transportation of goods from you or providing the transport by third parties safely. In this way, we guide the goods from the point of departure to the place of destination.

Terror Security

Because ExSafe never operates alone in the field of Terror Security, we have a big lead over other security guards. For example, we have a whole network of companies specialized in terror security. We are informed by the government about changes in the level of terrorist threat. Therefore, our level of knowledge about the current state of affairs is always up-to-date.. In addition, ExSafe’s security guards are highly trained and certified as a counter-terrorist.

ExSafe offers both Security Services and Transport Services. Our Security Drivers represent a great mix of both services.

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